Medical Equipment Sales Careers

Hospitals donít only need beds for their patients. They will also need CT scanners, mammograms, X-ray machines, respirators, MRIís and a lot more in order to compete with other hospitals. If you think you have what it takes to be successful in this field, perhaps a sales career in medical equipment may be lucrative for you.

The first thing you have to do is to apply to a company as a sales agent. You can go to a manufacturer or work for a company that is an authorized distributor of the medical equipment. After a series of exams and interviews, you will then be trained on these products then it is up you to do the rest.

Some of the clients you will be offering medical equipment to are already regular customers. Since these people may not need new medical equipment every time you pay them a visit, you have to be resourceful and go off looking for new ones.

In both instances, you have to sell to them the features and advantages of the medical equipment. Some questions you should be ready to answer include what makes your product better than that of a competitor. If you are able to answer that, chances are they will buying from you even if what you have may cost a little bit more.

During the course of your sales presentation with a potential buyer, you should learn to sense if they are really interested or not. There are verbal and non verbal signs that will tell you this. The most obvious is asking you when the medical equipment you have presented will be available so you better be sure that the quantity ordered will be delivered on time so this will not be cancelled.

If ever you are not able to close the deal with the client you just met, donít feel too bad because there are others out there that may be interested. It will be a good idea to recall how well you did and if there were mistakes made, this should be corrected so are able to sell better in the future.

In any case, donít forget to thank the hospital representative for seeing you and leaving them your calling card and a brochure because it is possible that they may need your medical equipment in the future. You may even try your luck and give them a call later.

If ever they do buy from you, make it a point to see how the medical equipment is doing. Should there be problems, you should be able to fix them so you are able to earn their trust and perhaps additional orders of the same product or something similar in the long term.

Hospitals require medicine as well as medical equipment to help treat patients. If you have a knack selling things, perhaps here is your chance to make some money and at the same time help save lives. So what are you waiting for? Look at the companies that have job vacancies and then send in your application.

If you are good, a promotion will soon come your way and you will no longer be the one going out in the field but encouraging those who are under you to do the same as you did many years ago.

By Paul Smith
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